Ready to give Juicing a whirl?


Ready to give juicing a whirl? If you are interested then this is the article you wanna read. The best, easiest, quickest and often tastiest way to load your body up with beautifying plants is by drinking them. Juices are like precious elixir of life, in fact your best ally when it comes to saying hello to health and beauty 😉 and saying good bye to illness and excess weight. Drinking veggie juices is like delivering a big shot of enzymes, oxygen and vitamins straight into your blood stream. If you wanna read more about juicing click this link.

Not-so-obvious high protein vegetarian foods!

Raw organic quinoa in a bowl and vegetables
Raw organic quinoa in a bowl and vegetables

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” (Albert Einstein). So true this adage is! Many of the world’s most important health advisory bodies are now in complete agreement – a vegetarian diet is one of the healthiest possible. The closer it is to being vegan, the healthier it becomes. Continue reading!

What to eat before & after Exercise!

food-to-eat-after-exercisePeople ask this question often that what should we eat before and after exercise … I believe when working out for health and well-being, we need to think about caloric and nutrient distribution throughout the day. That is what keeps our immune system functioning well and our insulin and blood sugar levels more even. Check out the following link to learn what to eat before and after your exercise to maximize the benefits of your exercise routine! Click here for link!