“Expect The Best & Get It”


Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabrakatuhu (Muslims greetings)

Hope you all are fine and in the best of your health and fitness. I am going to share few powerful words from the book (The power of positive thinking) I was reading today because I love the statement and I actually have experienced this in my life. As I have mentioned in my profile that I am a believer of law of attraction, I truly believe of the fact ; with God (Allah) on your side and a mind set of positivity you can do wonders in life, obstacles will not look like obstacles, you will have solutions to all your problems. Trust me, from my experience I m saying this that the power of faith (Imaan) and positivity that comes from within you is the strong force that can move mountains.

William James, the famous psychologist, said:

“Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing (now get that — is the one thing) that insures the successful outcome of your venture”.

To learn to believe is of primary importance. It is the basic factor of succeeding in any undertaking. When you expect the best, you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you. But if you expect the worst, you release from your mind the power of repulsion which tends to force the best from you. It is amazing how a sustained expectation of the best sets in motion forces which cause the best to materialise.

So message to learn is always expect the best and get the best. Think positive and surround yourself with positive people to live a life full of peace and positivity.

Enjoy your day 🙂

Noureen Razzaq

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Tips To STAY PRODUCTIVE During Your Winter Holidays!

Assalmualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!

I Hope you all are well and in the best of your health and fitness. I am a student of Alhuda Online, Taleem al Quran Diploma Course, Allhamdullilah I am blessed with such knowlegable teachers who guide you in every aspect of your life. Currently we are on a winter break, I live in Perth, Western Australia and here its Summer Season though, But in many countries winter is on its peak, many people are having their winter break so our Ustazah gave us some valuable and practical tips on how to be more productive during our winter holidays and how to beat laziness.

I am already following few of these tips, found them really beneficial and will follow the rest as well inshallah and I am currently reading this interesting book “The Productive Muslim” by Muhammad Faris, this is highly recommended. I really loved the content that I am actually reading it for the second time. So this is about my plan for summer holidays in Perth. I just thought of sharing few of these important tips with you. Intention behind sharing these tips with you guys is to share something which I’ve benefited from and if anyone of you follow this, it can be a source of sadaqa e jariya and can increase my reward inshallah.


During Your Winter Break It is a good time to make up for your missed fasts as days are short.

Alhamdulillah, Companions of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم   would welcome winter with a lot of enthusiasm due to all the rewards that they could gain from it. Winter can only be a blessing to the believers, as the time we spend during it can become very valuable. It has a lot of benefits and the most obvious one is fasting. Fasting becomes easier in winters as the days are shorter and nights longer. With nights being longer comes another benefit, and that is of being able to pray at night, while still getting some rest. It is reported from Abû Hurayrah – Allâh be pleased with him – he said:

Shall I not point you to comfortable proceeds? People responded, “And what is that o Abû Hurayrah?” He replied, “Fasting in winter.”

This beautiful season gives us a chance to get closer to Allah سبحانه و تعالى , and a chance to reflect on the seasonal changes and the power Allah سبحانه و تعالى has over the entire world. If none of these do it for us, then the reminder of the extreme cold of the hell fire is sure to make a believer want to seek refuge from it. Seeking refuge by making dua is another form of Ibaadah which will increase the good deeds of a believer.

In order for us to succeed in our ibadah, we need to efface that feeling of lethargy. A few tips which will help do that are the following:

1. Stop believing that you are lazy 

Stop calling yourself lazy! Mo’min cannot be lazy, tell yourself that you are not lazy and also BELIEVE in it. By doing so, we set a bar for ourselves which we need to live up to. Make lots of du’a to protect you from this disease. Our Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم has taught us the beautiful du’a:

اَللّٰھُمَّ اِنِّیْ اَعُوْذُبِکَ مِنَ الْعَجْزِ وَ الْکَسَلِ

 “O Allah, I seek refuge in you from incapability and laziness.”

Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم taught us to make this du’a to protect us from the disease which is laziness. Laziness is actually a disease of the heart which we cannot see by our naked eye, but this disease has a very bad prognosis which can lead to other problems.

2. Plan and organize 
There is nothing more appealing than planning and organizing things. Plan what to do and within what time frame to do it. Make check lists. Use sticky notes. Set reminders on your phone. Make posters to hang around the house. All of these things should be used to remind you that you are fit and fine, and it should motivate you to keep thanking Allah سبحانه و تعالى  and seeking forgiveness.

3. Exercise/Walk 
One of the best ways to beat lethargy and laziness is to activate your body. This can easily be done through exercise/walk. Most people stop exercising in winter due to the cold mornings. This is not a good excuse and is not a reason to stop exercising! As believers, we need to take care of our body. This does not mean that we overdo it and stress ourselves out either. It just means we need to be moderate in how much and how often we exercise. 

Salah, by itself is the best exercise and prescription from Allah for better health and fitness who offers it regularly. Salah provides the ultimate satisfaction and peace to the mind thus save you from many diseases and disorders. It enhances your concentration and reduces the level of depression. SubhanAllah!

4. Pay attention to the times you feel energy within you 
Another way to perform ibaadah perfectly is to check the times when you are most energized, and use that time to perform acts of ibaadah. We need to put this sugar rush into good use.

5. Brain storm and De-Clutter 
Get rid of all the clutter around you, both literally and mentally. A cluttered space is sure to set you back and make you feel lazy. Clean up and stir up the thoughts in your head which will tell you what you are best at. This is Shaitaan’s another dirty tech tick to keep you away from Tayyab, clean and healthy surroundings. Remember Cleanliness is half the faith!

6. Get some sunlight 
Vitamin D is essential for us. Alhamdulillah, the blessing of Sunlight is very beneficial due to the fact that it helps us stay energized and keeps us in the mood to do things. Spend some time in the sunlight without having negative thoughts and see the difference it can make. It will at least give a signal to your brain, that “it is morning now, time to bring khair and blessings into our lives, and we need to start working!” 🙂

7. Stop the enmity with your alarm 
Do we not all hate hearing our alarms go off, and love that snooze button?! If this alarm is the only thing that helps you wake up for fajr, then keep it very far away from your sleeping area, and loud enough so that it can be heard. Continuously hearing that annoying alarm will make you want to get up and shut it off. By the time you get to the alarm, you are half way up! 

Best thing to do is to sleep early. This is the best way to wake up. Otherwise the matter will remain difficult in most cases. Also cooperate with your family on this matter. Above all, ask Allah سبحانه و تعالى  to help you and guide you, and always do wudoo’ and recite dhikr before you go to sleep, and cleanse the house of images and other things that prevent the angels from entering. Remember Allah and recite the dua as soon as you wake up. Some people may initially wake up, then they go back to sleep again. But if a person remembers Allah straight after waking up, this will loosen one of the knots of Shaytaan, and will motivate him to get up. When he performs wudoo, his determination becomes stronger, and Shaytaan is driven further away, and when he prays, his shaytaan is defeated, his balance (of good deeds) becomes heavier, and he will feel happy and energetic. Remember don’t let Shaytan win! 

8. Be Thankful

All Praise is for Allah SWT who continuously provides opportunities for His servants to increase their hasanat and wipe away their sayyi’at. Be thankful for this beautiful time of the year in which we get another chance to gain His Raza and to get closer to Him, Be Idhnillah. Gratitude helps increase one’s blessings and makes you more productive, Alhumdullilah.

Allah says: “And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: ‘If you give thanks (by accepting faith and worshiping none but Allah), I will give you more (of My Blessings); but if you are thankless, verily, My punishment is indeed severe’”   Let’s, therefore, make thanking Allah part of morning and evening adhkars to get more of Allah’s blessings in our lives, In Sha Allah. May Allah SWT bless us this Taufeeq and accept all our efforts to please him, Ameen

These are just a few tips to help us overcome the laziness that we may feel during the winter season. These tips are to give us an idea of how we can use the winter time to increase and improve our ibadah. And to benefit from this winter season to attain the ultimate raza of our Rabb, In Sha Allah 

Enjoy your Winter break with your family and spend quality time with them. May Allah swt shower His endless Blessings and Rahmah on us always. Ameen

Much Love

Noureen Razzaq


Coffee & Reading!

Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu! (Muslim greetings)

Hope you guys are well and in the best of your health and fitness. Today I was reading an interesting book named as “the Power” well slowly slowly I’m getting into the rhythm of reading again and it really feels good. Allhamdullilah. Reading actually increases your knowledge and knowledge is power you know so I’ll highly recommend; get some time to treat yourself and a good cup of coffee/tea maybe and read your favourite book, even if its just 1 or 2 pages a day or 10 to 15 minutes a day but read.

Thought of sharing few good points with you guys from this book which I loved and I’m completely in agreement. So ill choose this as a sub heading of my blog:-

LOVE Is The Positive Force That Moves You!

I was reading this interesting book today which actually explains the positive force of Love, it says that Love is not just a feeling, love is a positive force. Love is the positive force of life. Love is the cause of everything positive and good. The evidence of its power can be seen everywhere in the world, without love there is no life.

Take a moment to think about it: what would the world be without love? First of all, you wouldn’t even exist; without love you couldn’t have been born. In fact there wouldn’t be a single human being on the planet.

If you notice people around you who have a great life they actually used the power that is the cause of everything good in life. They used love to achieve it. So what does that mean? It means that the power to have all the positive and good things in life is LOVE! So having love in your life is the greatest blessings of the universe … because when you love you are using the greatest power in the universe, a greatest positive force of life.

And I tell you this is so interesting that this force of love actually inspires you to Move, gives you the desire to Be, Do, or Have anything. Take a moment and just remind yourself of all the successful people in their fields or in specific areas of their lives …. what was their driving force and the answer would be the love, love of that particular job, profession, goal and a person etc. This is so powerful my dear readers. The positive force of love can create anything good, increase the good things and change anything negative in your life. You have the power over your health, your wealth, your career, your relationships and every area of your life. And that power – love – is INSIDE YOU.

But it totally depends on us , we have a choice whether to love and harness the positive force or not. And everyday we make this choice whether we realise it or not. Next time when you experience something good in your life just look at the root cause and you will realise that you loved and harnessed love’s positive force and if you experience something bad, its because you didn’t love and the result was negativity. Just see and feel it in your self, health, relationships, career, your wealth, infact every area of your life.

Thats all for today …

Enjoy reading and remember in your duas.

Much Love 🙂

Noureen Razzaq